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Ignore your gut, make data driven decisions.

inBuckt utilizes data analytics and machine learning to learn your team and figure out how they operate.

Are one of your team members really good at API integrations or front end design? We will identify each users strengths and weaknesses through machine learning and recommend the correct user.

inBuckt will alert you when your resources aren’t being utilized properly. Did someone on your team finish their tasks early this sprint and another person is still struggling to complete their tasks? inBuckt will let you know.

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Stay effective with agile processes.

inBuckt will ask you the right questions during your daily scrum/stand. Are you falling behind on feature? inBuckt will alert you to ask users during the scrum/stand up during your meeting.

inBuckt will store all of your notes and generate a detailed report on your scrum/stand up that you can later reference.

Keep your team on track with complete Sprint and Scrum boards. All you have to do is create the tasks and inBuckt will automatically place the tasks in the applicable location.

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Create in-depth reporting & dashboards to track your team’s KPIs.

inBuckt’s in-depth reporting capabilities allow you to export reports on your organization’s progress for stakeholders or internal use.

inBuckt will alert you when you’re underperforming on key performance indicators such as Cost Performance Index, Schedule Variance, etc.

Don’t always need an exportable report? Take advantage of a fully customizable dashboard to quickly view all the stats you need.

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Detailed Project Plan.

Ditch excel and utilize the built in project plan feature in inBuckt.

All you have to do is create your tickets like you normally would, inBuckt will create your project plan for you.

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Easily integrate into your day to day operations.

inBuckt allows users to remain in one place with Slack integration. The inBuckt Slack bot allows you to easily create and update tickets without going to the inBuckt Web App.

No need to switch between screens, inBuckt will keep your team in their comfort zone.


Easily migrate from your current platform.

No matter what platform you’re currently using, you can easily integrate into the inBuckt system. The inBuckt team will provide step by step instructions to migrate your team tracking — or help you set it up in the first place!