Not your cookie cutter ticket to do list.

inBuckt is the Virtual Project Manager that helps you make data-driven decisions. Utilize Data Analytics and Machine Learning to drive your business decisions.

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Stay Organized

Stay up to date with your team’s efforts. Ensure that your team is doing their best work and your funds are being used efficiently.

Integrate Easily

Easily integrate with your day to day operations by logging efforts through our web application or your Slack chat. You won’t have to be on your team’s back to remind them to update daily with inBuckt.

Get Informed

Generate in-depth reports that break down each team members’ efforts accurately and quickly. Create customized reports for key stakeholders to show your progress.

Cut Costs

InBuckt is a cost effective project manager, designed for every stage of your organization. Whether you’re a team of two or two hundred, we have the right solution for you.

Ignore your gut, make data driven decisions.

inBuckt utilizes data analytics and machine learning to learn your team and figure out how they operate.

Are one of your team members really good at API integrations or front end design? We will identify each users strengths and weaknesses through machine learning and recommend the correct user.

inBuckt will alert you when your resources aren’t being utilized properly. Did someone on your team finish their tasks early this sprint and another person is still struggling to complete their tasks? inBuckt will let you know.

Who is inBuckt?

inBuckt was created by startup founders and workers who understand the unique struggle of startup resource planning. Our experience with the limited time and money associated with a young startup helped us create the virtual project manager that can keep your business on track. With inBuckt, you’ll improve efficiency and multiply your organization’s success.

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